Tex-Mex Medicated Acne Concealer 2 Types

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Concealer for quasi drugs Prevents pimple + Medicinal concealer that can cover points on skin complexes (acne scars, stains, bears, pores). Can be dropped with face cleanser. Effective ingredient: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate (anti inflammatory effect), salicylic acid (bactericidal effect) prevent the acne. Deal with the skin acne of yours, pores, stain, bear, etc. Care of male's skin with skin effect, hydrating ingredients: salt hyaluronate, jojoba oil, water-soluble collagen, squalane blended. Luster, sticky sebum adsorption powder mixture suppressing stickiness. Soft Focus Effect Corrects unevenness of your skin with powder blend. How to use: After preparing the skin with skin such as lotion, apply directly to the stressed part for instance acne marks. Adjust so as to gently tap with the finger to blur the software program part and epidermis boundary. When removing, wash face cleaner properly, washed clothes out. Use it just by 1 2 mm as it may be broken whether it surpasses it.

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